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Who we are

AIB is an International Banking Facility (EBI) authorized by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions whose headquarters are located in the city of San Juan de Puerto Rico, United States of America, conformed by a group of professionals with vast experience and renowned career path in banking. AIB offers a set of international financial solutions, and a personalized care for your business, according to your needs.

We are in constant growth, developing our technology and infrastructure, adding value to our financial relationship. We work for you, that is why we are in constant evolution, providing integrity, strength and comfort in the execution of your international transactions. We improve day after day to offer the best of International Banking.

You are invited to be part of our prestigious financing institution.

Expand your banking horizons and be part of Activo International Bank.

About Us


We are a growing bank that works for you. We offer solid and high quality international banking solutions, with a differentiating value proposal, destined to satisfy your international needs, and to expand your financial horizons.


To be your preferred financial option in the international market, known for our personalized business assistance, based on your needs.


  • Safety and strength: We offer the greatest strength and support, tailored to our customers.

  • Integrity: We have a responsible and hard-working team that cares for your interests day after day.

  • Client-oriented: We adapt to the needs of our clients in order to strengthen our financial relationship, and build long lasting relations.

  • Continuous improvement: We strive to grow by your side in every step that we take.

  • Quality of Service: We work for you, to offer value according to your needs.

  • Confidentiality: We ensure confidential handling of our clients’ information.

Our People and Culture

Our people are one of our most valuable assets – it is through our professionals’ determination and dedication that Activo International Bank can serve our clients and produce value proposals, in order to contribute to their economical growth, and that of their communities.

Activo International Bank strives to cultivate and maintain an optimal work environment, in which our professionals can maximize their individual and work potential, increase their commercial effetiveness, and their investment in a long lasting personalized relationship. This way, we contribute effectively in the development of our clients, and in satisfying and adapting ourselves to their financial demands.

The people in Activo International Bank are active people who move with you.